The only Discord Bot you'll need


Corebot offers 600+ features, allowing you to replace many bots with one. If Corebot doesn't include a feature you want, we're always looking for feedback and suggestions!

Great Support

Our experienced developers and support team are ready to help you with Corebot, no matter the issue.

Fully Customizable

Corebot offers full customization of almost all of its features and messages.

Why should you choose Corebot?

  • Great Support
  • 600+ Features
  • 1000+ Reviews
  • 2000+ Buyers
  • Community Translations
  • Official Addons
  • Community Developers
  • Customizable


Helped out a friend who ran CoreBot on his server and he loved it. I decided to get it for myself and it's better than I remember. Support is also well-organized and very helpful.


Really good bot, used in a discord server with thousands of members with no issues.


I literally replaced ALL my bots I had on my server, which was at least 8, with this one. It can do anything I need it to do, it's very customizable and I don't regret buying it at all. 10/10

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